Creative Living

Who are you?  Do you know?  I’m still discovering who I am and continuing to grow and change as my body ages, my limitations increase, but my mind continues to find new horizons to explore.

Living a creative life involves experimenting, having adventures, trying new things, going deeper, seeking beauty and loving more fully.  The joy of discovering new things about the world around us, about myself and the others whose lives touch mine keeps life fresh and brings renewal.

I love to experiment with art materials, odds and ends, stuff, cooking, people (doing things together), dog training, making things, growing things.  I don’t much like housework.  I’d rather be outside.  I love TED talks and hanging out with other experimenters and learners, makers, animal lovers, artists and growers.  I love the LORD and talk to him all the time.  He’s the most creative of all!

This is one of my early art journal experiments:

ArtJourn 008